Three generations of ownership, from grandfather to grandson, for nearly 70 years. We continue to serve clients that have been with us since inception in 1946!

Our Story Over Nearly 70 Years
The Ivance Company, Inc. (aka John W Ivance Company, Inc.) was established in 1946 by John Ivance Sr.

The office had been located in the Pioneer Building on 4th and Robert Street in St. Paul, MN from 1946 to May 2006. From June 2006 to May 2012, our offices were located on the corner of 5th and Minnesota Streets in St. Paul in the Alliance Bank Center. That relocation was due to the closing of the Pioneer Building. On June 1st 2012, we moved to our current location in Oakdale, MN.

John Sr. worked in the insurance business for some years prior to WW2. For a time he was with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, then with American Hardware / Hardware Mutual up until WW2. John Sr. was drafted when he was 35 years old, and was encouraged by the draft board to seek a job since he was almost too old for the draft, and had a couple of young children at home. He accepted their advice and went to work for 3M as a research chemist, where he worked for the duration of the war.

In 1946, he felt it was time to get back into the insurance business, but this time as his own boss. Wife Alice worked for the agency on-and-off over the years doing the books. The 2nd generation started to move into the picture in 1951. John Ivance Jr. “Jack” joined the agency in that year after college and a short stint in retail. John Sr.’s son-in-law, John Chisholm, came on board in 1956 after a short teaching career in the public school system. Yes, there were now 3 Johns in the office!

John Sr. retired in 1971 after running the agency for 25 years. It was time to pass the business onto the 2nd generation. John Ivance Jr and John Chisholm purchased the agency from John Sr. in 1971.

Here comes the 3rd generation. In 1979, John Chisholm’s son “John Robert” Chisholm started working at the agency. Gary Underwood, John Jr’s son-in-law, came on board in 1981. Then in 1987, John Ivance III “Trey” joined the agency. Just in case you lost track, there are now 4 John’s working in the office!

John Jr retired in 1994, turning his half of the business over to son John III “Trey”. John Chisholm retired in 2002, turning his half of the business over to his son, “John Robert”. The transition to the 3rd generation was now complete.

The agency is still in the family, owned and operated now by the 3rd generation! John Ivance Sr passed away on August 24, 2011 at the age of 104. John Ivance Jr passed away February 28, 2009.

Company Timeline
The John W. Ivance Company, Inc. is formed by John Ivance Sr.

John Ivance Jr (“Jack”) joins the agency.

John Ivance Sr’s son-in-law, John Chisolm, joins the agency.

John Ivance Sr retires. John Ivance Jr and John Chisholm purchase the business.

John Chisholm’s son, John Robert, joins the agency.

John Ivance Jr’s son-in-law, Gary Underwood, joins the agency.

John Ivance III (“Trey”) joins the agency.

John Ivance Jr retires. Trey assumes his half.

John Chisholm retires. John Robert assumes his half.

John Ivance Sr passes away at age 104.

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